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Binary file compare using Unix bsdiff
Compares two binary files and produces a difference ("patch") file by means of bsdiff tool.
Binary file compare using xdelta3
Compares two binary files and produces a difference ("patch") file by means of xdelta3 tool.
Text file compare
Compares two text files and generates a difference ("patch") file.

Data streams

Converts a binary stream into textual representation
Pack/unpack binary data
Packs data into a binary string or unpacks it displayng its contents in a pretty way. Supports recursions and more.
Random stream generator
Generates a stream of random bytes of specified set and size.
Unserialize data
Unserialize, show or convert serialized data in various formats (PHP, JSON, XML, etc.).


Base64 encoder/decoder online
Encodes and decodes base64 data streams (by upload or direct input).
GZIP compressor/decompressor
Compresses and decompresses Zlib- or GZIP-encoded data stream (RFC 1950/1952).
Quoted-printable encoder/decoder
Encodes and decodes quoted-printable strings (RFC 2821).
URL encoder/decoder
Encodes and decodes URL-encoded (percent-encoded) strings.

IP/host tools

All-in-one IP tool
All-in-one IP tool: whois, tracert, dig, ping and more utilities - at once.
IP geolocation
Shows host name (RDNS), country, region, city, longitude, latitude and other info about a given IP.
Online port scanner
Checks if a TCP/IP port is opened on a remote host online.
Your information
Shows information about your browser, network and system.


Gradient image generator
Generates gradient images of different configuration and rotation angle.
Hash generator
Generates hashes from file upload, text or URL using various algorithms.
Torrent file builder
Builds a .torrent file from scratch or based on existing torrent by processing your script.
Torrent file information
Displays all information contained inside a .torrent file.
Webalizer web interface
Provides a one-click interface to analyzing web server log files.


Lorem Ipsum generator
Produces dummy text known as "Lorem Ipsum" used as placeholder when marking-up page designs.
Password generator
Generates a bunch of random passwords containing (optionally) capitals, digits and symbols.
Text processor
Provides an easy interface to altering text content in all possible ways.

Value converters

Base converter
Converts notations between standard (2, 6, 10, 16) and arbitrary (up to 62) bases.
Charset/encoding converter
Converts texts between various character sets including Unicode (UTF).
Color sampler & converter
Converts given color to/from RGB and other representations; also acts as a color sampler tool.
Timestamp generator
Generates timestamps from strings, displays info about dates and formats them in a neat way.

An open online tool repository 

i-Tools.org is a home for 27 immediately available online tools with simple 1-click interface. All modern browsers are supported; almost all tools work without JavaScript support (although the interface might slightly degrade in this case – if it does a note is displayed in appropriate places). 

There are also several dozens of small Paste-Click-Copy JavaScript-powered functions for most common source code formatting tasks

Most of the tools hosted on this website contain information blocks describing the tool and the algorithms it uses with links to relevant Wikipedia articles and other helpful resources. 

i-Tools.org is a freeware resource which is supported by people like you – request a new utility that you feel is missing or contribute your own tool if you already have one ready.
If you've got a few spare hours and wish to translate the interface into a language that i-Tools.org isn't yet localized into please contact us for further instructions – we and our visitors will be very grateful to you! 

Another great way of helping our community grow is to spread the word among your Internet friends – which is easy to do thanks to AddThis.com widget that's located in the top-right corner of each page. 


i-Tools.org is powered by a number of 3rd party products that let it tick – they are listed in this section. 

A young project featuring a sophisticated modelling Wiki-parser which radically differs from existing regular expression-based formatters.
A «developer's CMS» that lends i-Tools.org its non-standard site-serving framework.
PHP Scripter
A system that powers up our scripting-enabled tools like text processor and torrent builder.