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Converts texts between various character sets including Unicode (UTF).

This online tool converts texts between different encodings (charsets)for example, CP1251 text into a UTF-8-encoded document. 

You can either upload your document, enter it directly or pass an URL


Max size of the input data is 10 MiB.


Wrappers are executed in sequence on shared data string. For example, to supply base64-encoded stream of GZIP-compressed data enter wrappers: base64, gzip and fill the data input with the base64 stream. 

If data is not entered information from other tabs (upload, by URL and direct) is used to replace data on this page. This lets you enter gzip as a wrapper here and upload a file using upload tab while leaving data on this page empty. 

Currently supported wrappers are: base64, bzip, cslashes, datauri, direct, ftp, ftps, gzip, hex2bin, http, https, qprintable, upload, url, urlencoding, zlib

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  • By URL
  • Direct input
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Note that usually encodings other than UTF-8 are seen strange in browser (or unseen at all) so it's recommended to download result in case of target encodings other than UTF-8.

Linking back with specific form settings 

As with all tools here, you can link to a specific form setup with an URL of this form:

The result is: 

General info 

Character sets are different schemes of representing textual data within a string. Generally they can be divided into those that represent a limited subset of characters from alphabets of languages spoken on the Earth and those that represent all languages (and math, currency, etc. symbols too) in one character set (better say «encoding» in this case since there are no «character sets» anymore).
The latter are variants of what is called Unicode (see also UTF (Unicode Transport Protocol)).
Some of the format character encodings are called 1-byte (or 8-bit) ANSI or ISO-8859 because they're used for one particular language (e.g. US-ANSI) and each character takes up exactly one byte of memory. 

This tool lets you convert your document (by direct input, by URL or by upload) between all possible charsets – ranging from national ANSIs to UTF-8, UTF-32, UCS-4 and plain Unicode

Also, when converting text into a charset that might not have all the characters found in original document you can specify what to do with such characters: