Hash generator


Generates hashes from file upload, text or URL using various algorithms.

This online tool generates hashes using various algorithms (MD5, MD5-24, SHA1, CRC32 and more) for either uploaded files or directly entered data. 

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Max size of the input data is 10 MiB.


Wrappers are executed in sequence on shared data string. For example, to supply base64-encoded stream of GZIP-compressed data enter wrappers: base64, gzip and fill the data input with the base64 stream. 

If data is not entered information from other tabs (upload, by URL and direct) is used to replace data on this page. This lets you enter gzip as a wrapper here and upload a file using upload tab while leaving data on this page empty. 

Currently supported wrappers are: base64, bzip, cslashes, datauri, direct, ftp, ftps, gzip, hex2bin, http, https, qprintable, upload, url, urlencoding, zlib

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  • By URL
  • Direct input
  • Custom
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Hashing is a process of generating a string (or number) with limited width from a data stream of arbitrary length. Produced hash identifies that particular data stream while not exceeding a certain length. 

Of course, one hash matches many possible streams because it has limited width; however, good hash functions make it impossible to guess which data will have the same hash. Hashes can be reversible and irreversible; all hashes handled by this tool are irreversible meaning that you can't rebuild the original data stream given a hash string. 

Reference pages 

Reference pages on popular hashing algorithms: 

Less known hash functions that this tool uses: