Lorem Ipsum generator


Produces dummy text known as "Lorem Ipsum" used as placeholder when marking-up page designs.

This online tool generates dommy text (also known as «Lorem Ipsum») which looks like a normal English (Latin) text except it is meaningless. It's commonly used as a "placeholder" on page designs because while it resembles normal document it doesn't distract the viewer from actual page layout preventing him from unintentionally reading what is written. 

You can use your own words by uploading a custom word list file (see below). 

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Each line has at least 1 sentence; lines end with a break.

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The format is simple (empty lines are ignored):

  1. 1st line – comment (ignored),
  2. 2nd line – standard phrase (e.g. «Lorem ipsum dolor…»),
  3. 3rd line and till the end – one word per line.

Note that if you're using non-Latin characters the file should be encoded in UTF-8.

Max size of the input data is 0 MiB.


Wrappers are executed in sequence on shared data string. For example, to supply base64-encoded stream of GZIP-compressed data enter wrappers: base64, gzip and fill the data input with the base64 stream. 

If data is not entered information from other tabs (upload, by URL and direct) is used to replace data on this page. This lets you enter gzip as a wrapper here and upload a file using upload tab while leaving data on this page empty. 

Currently supported wrappers are: base64, bzip, cslashes, datauri, direct, ftp, ftps, gzip, hex2bin, http, https, qprintable, upload, url, urlencoding, zlib

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  • By URL
  • Direct input
  • Custom
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This online tool allows you to generate Lorem Ipsum paragraphs and lists in both plain text and HTML forms. You can highly customize the generator (word/line/sentense length, number of lines/sentenses, etc. Punctuation is inserted automatically. 

You can also upload a custom word list in any language provided your file uses UTF-8 encoding. 

Default word list was taken from LIpsum.com. 

What is Lorem Ipsum

Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text used when typesetting or marking up documents. It has a long history starting from the 1500s and is still used in digital millenium for typesetting electronic documents, page designs, etc. 

In itself, the original text of Lorem Ipsum might have been taken from an ancient Latin book that was written about 50 BC. Nevertheless, Lorem Ipsum's words have been changed so they don't read as a proper text. 

So why to use Lorem Ipsum and why placeholder text is necessary? Naturally, page designs that are made for text documents must contain some text rather than placeholder dots or something else. Howevr, should they contain a proper English words and sentenses almost every reader will deliberately try to interpret it eventually missing the design itself. 

However, a placeholder text must have a natural distribution of letters and punctuation or otherwise the markup will look strange and unnatural. That's what Lorem Ipsum helps to achieve.